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Central Asia


Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan


  • Dushanbe City Tour

  • Hissar Fortress

  • Tajikistan Antique Museum

  • Varzob Valley

  • Alexander Great Lake

  • Snake Lake

  • Penjikent Excavations and Musems 

  • Registsan Square

  • Ulug-Bek Mardrasah/Observatory

  • Tillya Kori Mardrash

  • Gur Emir Mausoleum

  • Shah-I-Zinda Complex

  • Siyob Bazaar

  • Ulugbek Obervatory

  • Shohi-Zinda Necropoli

  • Tashkent Old Town

  • Khast Imam Complex

  • Barak Khan Madrasah

  • Tillya Sheikh Mosque

  • Kafal Shashi Mausoleum

  • Kukeldash Madrasah

  • Juma Mosque

  • Chorsu Market

  • Osh Bazaar

  • Oak Park

  • Medeo Gorge

  • Presidential Palace

  • Republic Square

  • Astana Square

  • Abai SquarePalace of the Republic

  • Panfilov Park

  • Zenkov Cathedral

  • Medeu Cable Car

  • Ile-Alatau National Park

  • And Much More!


  • Round-Trip Airfare from LAX

  • Flights within Central Asia

  • Airport Transfers

  • Accommodations

  • All breakfasts

  • Activities and entrance fees listed on itinerary

  • Private Transportation

  • Local Tour Guide

  • Tour Escort


$3,499 - 

per person (double occupancy) 

+$490 for single occupancy

Fine Print

  • You must be able to walk with no problems; trip is not wheelchair accessible

  • Deposit required (make below) to secure airfare

  • Full payment due 100 days before and must be made by check

  • Trip deposit and final payments are non-refundable once paid

  • Passport must be valid 6 months after final date of the trip

  • Visa for Uzbekistan only required. $20 e-visa not included in package

  • Tips for local guides and bus driver are not included

Your Host: Hunter Maready

Hunter Maready

September 13-24, 2024: Sold Out

Day 1-2: Fly to Tajikistan

Cross the international dateline on your flight from LAX.

Day 3

Upon arrival in Dushanbe, check in to your accommodation before embarking on a city tour. Begin with a visit to the Monument of Ismoili Somoni in the morning, followed by exploring Rudaki Park. In the afternoon, make your way to Mehrgon Bazaar for a cultural experience and shopping. Later, visit Victory Park to take in the sights and learn about its history.


Day 4

Start your day by visiting Hissar Fortress, an historical site of cultural significance. Delve into its history and enjoy the surroundings. Later in the morning, head to the Tajikistan Antique Museum to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage through its exhibits and artifacts. In the afternoon, take some leisure time for relaxation or further exploration of Dushanbe. Explore local cafes, markets, or other points of interest. In the evening, attend a cultural show to experience the local arts and performances.

Day 5

Begin your day by venturing into the scenic Varzob Valley, surrounded by lush landscapes. Next, visit Alexander the Great Lake, appreciating the serene beauty of the water and the surrounding environment. Continue your journey to Snake Lake, where you can enjoy the tranquility and perhaps take a leisurely stroll around the area. In the afternoon, make your way to the remarkable Penjikent excavations and museums, often referred to as the "Pompeii of Asia." Immerse yourself in the archaeological discoveries and cultural history preserved in this ancient site.

Day 6

Travel for one hour to Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Begin your day at Registan Square, a stunning architectural ensemble adorned with intricate tilework. Move on to the Ulug-Bek Madrasah and Observatory, where you can appreciate both the educational and astronomical contributions of Ulug-Bek. Continue your exploration at Tillya Kori Madrasah, marveling at its golden interior. Visit the Gur Emir Mausoleum, the final resting place of Tamerlane, and soak in the rich history and architectural grandeur. Explore the Shah-I-Zinda Complex, a series of mausoleums showcasing vibrant tilework and historical significance. Conclude your day at the lively Siyob Bazaar, immersing yourself in the local atmosphere and perhaps picking up some souvenirs.

Day 7

Travel to Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Today begin your journey at the Ulugbek Observatory. Delve into the scientific legacy of Ulugbek as you explore the ancient observatory, appreciating its historical significance. Next, venture to the Shohi-Zinda Necropolis, a breathtaking complex of mausoleums adorned with vibrant tilework. Wander through the narrow, picturesque streets and discover the rich history and architectural beauty of this sacred site. Enjoy the blend of science and spirituality that Samarkand has to offer.

Day 8

Your day will start in the Old Town, where you can absorb the authentic atmosphere and explore the city's historic roots. Move on to the Khast Imam Complex, home to significant religious and architectural landmarks, including the Barak Khan Madrasah and Tillya Sheikh Mosque. Continue your journey to the Kafal Shashi Mausoleum, appreciating its historical and cultural significance. Explore the Kukeldash Madrasah, a testament to Uzbekistan's architectural heritage, and visit the Juma Mosque for a spiritual experience. Conclude your day at the vibrant Chorsu Market, where you can indulge in the local atmosphere, sample diverse culinary delights, and shop for souvenirs. We will ensure ample time to savor each site and experience the rich tapestry of Tashkent's cultural offerings. 


Day 9

Take a short flight to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Embark on a day of exploration in Bishkek, beginning at Osh Bazaar, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant local atmosphere, sample diverse food offerings, and browse through a variety of goods. Continue your journey to the Historical Museum to delve into the cultural and historical heritage of the region. Explore the Main Square, a central hub surrounded by architectural landmarks and reflecting the city's character. Take a leisurely stroll through Oak Park, appreciating the greenery and perhaps relaxing in the peaceful surroundings. Conclude your day by admiring the Marble Government Buildings, showcasing the city's administrative prowess and unique architectural style.

Day 10

Travel today to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Today we start exploring in Almaty, starting with the breathtaking Medeo Gorge, where you can appreciate the natural beauty and perhaps engage in outdoor activities. Proceed to the Presidential Palace and Republic Square, immersing yourself in the city's political and historical significance. Continue your journey to the Monument of Independence, Astana Square, and Abai Square, where you can absorb the cultural and patriotic atmosphere. Explore the grandeur of the Palace of the Republic, and then take a leisurely stroll through Panfilov Park, appreciating the greenery and historical monuments. Conclude your day at Zenkov Cathedral, a notable architectural gem in Almaty

Day 11

In Almaty, spend an adventurous day by first visiting Shymbulak, accessible via the Medeu Cable Car. Revel in the breathtaking views during the ascent to this mountain resort. Following this mountainous escapade, explore the scenic wonders of Ile-Alatau National Park nestled in the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains. Take in the crisp mountain air and enjoy leisurely nature walks to appreciate the park's diverse flora and fauna. Engage in hiking or trekking activities available within the park, providing a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and serene natural beauty for your day in Almaty.

Day 12: Travel Home

This concludes our remarkable journey through Central Asia. Thanks for traveling with us, welcome home!

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