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Greenland Expedition
with Iceland


  • Downtown Reykjavik Historical Walking Tourr

  • Sky Lagoon

  • Exclusvie Heli-Landing (walk where no one ever has!)

  • Zodiac Cruising

  • Polar Plunge

  • Paddling Excursion

  • Ice Sheet Experience (by helicopter)

  • Hiking

  • Presentations by experts, Expedition Team and guests speakers

  • Cultural experiences with the locals in Greenland during community visits

  • Northern Lights visits



  • Non-stop airfare round-trip from Denver

  • Airport Transfers

  • Accommodations in Iceland

  • Greenland Quark Expedition

  • Shipboard accommodation with daily housekeeping

  • All meals, snacks, soft drinks and juices on board throughout your voyage 

  • Transportation

  • Private Charter Bus

  • Tour Host

  • All Zodiac transfers and cruising as per the daily program

  • All shore landings as per the daily program

  • An official Quark Expeditions® parka to keep

  • Emergency Evacuation insurance for all passengers to a maximum benefit of USD $500,000 per person

  • A pair of waterproof expedition boots on loan for landings and Zodiac cruising excursions

  • All Taxes


$9,499 -
per person (double occupancy.
 call for single occupancy)

If you are single occpuancy, Quark will pair you with someone to share a room - they do not do single rooms.


Fine Print

  • You must be able to walk with few problems; trip is not wheelchair accessible

  • $800 deposit per traveler required (make below) to secure airfare

  • $2,000 additional deposit per person due on April 12

  • Full payment due 120 days before and must be made by check

  • Trip deposit and final payments are non-refundable once paid

  • Passports are required and must be valid 6 months after final date of the trip.

  • Ship gratuities are not included.

Your Host: TBD


September 13-24, 2024: On Sale Now

September 13 | Fly to Iceland!

September 14 | Downtown Reykjavik. Historical walking tour. This is the perfect time to shop, as well as visit the famous church; Hallgrimskirkja. You will have free time to explore the city as well. End the night with Iceland's newest hot spring; the Sky Lagoon. Enjoy the hot pools while looking over the ocean and the skyline of Reykjavik.


September 15 | FLY TO NARSARSUAQ

In the early afternoon we will transfer you to Keflavik Airport for our private charter flight from the Icelandic capital to Narsarsuaq, Greenland, where you’ll set sail on Ultramarine. A scenic community deep in Tunulliarfik Fjord, Narsarsuaq is the gateway to South Greenland. Originally established in the 1940s as a U.S. military base, the approximately 2,000–metre paved runway and small terminal are now managed by Mittarfeqarfiit (the Greenlandic Airport Authority).

September 16-17 | THE WILD EAST

Jagged peaks, tumbling glaciers, ice- laden landscapes, alpine vistas and the search for the King of the Arctic. We set out for the wild fjords of the uninhabited east coast, one of which is Lindenow Fjord, also known by its Greenlandic name, Kangerlussuatsiaq. Thousands of years ago, groups of paleo– Inuit hunters and fishermen made their home in these isolated fjords, living off the land and surviving mostly on the resources the sea provided, before European explorers and the subsequent establishment of settlements prompted one of the biggest waves of migration in Greenland. Traces of these once proud peoples can still be found today against the backdrop of cascading glaciers and steep–walled mountains. These fjords are frequented by marine mammals. Rare sightings of polar bears are possible, as they drift down from the north on sea ice floes propelled by the East–Greenland current. Humpback whales are often sighted when entering fjords as the shallowing seas bring an upwelling of nutrients to the surface. While we keep our eyes peeled for wildlife, the magnificent alpine terrain invites us to explore by sea, land and air to immerse ourselves completely in the remote icescapes of the region. The wild east is ideal for heli landings and hiking, paddle excursions, Zodiac cruises and shore landings.

September 18-20 | ARCTIC PATAGONIA

Spectacular fjordlands and iconic peaks. The stunning maze of fjords, sounds, islets, inlets and skerries (rocky islands) in and around Cape Farewell (Nunap Isua) at Greenland’s most southern tip possesses its own particular magic. Transiting the 100–km long Prins Christian Sund (Ikerasassuaq)—one of the world’s most scenic fjords—will be truly unforgettable. Guests can then look forward to dramatic mountain and seascapes with glaciers tumbling down to down to the sea, and stunning vistas around every corner. Inhabiting this domain are Southern Greenlanders living on the frontier, a people as unique as the landscape they call home. This is where the migrating hunting peoples from the east finally settled around the European trading posts. The few villages in this southern region have gained a level of fame thanks to the inhabitants who remain steadfastly faithful to their hunting and fishing heritage.


We hope to visit Aappilattoq, perched on the shores of Prins Christian Sund (Ikerasassuaq), to introduce you to our friends and partners there. We hope to offer you the opportunity to listen to their stories, hear their music, taste their food, learn about their hunting traditions, and perhaps even join a friendly game of soccer as a player or spectator. If you are looking for the most iconic peaks of South Greenland, you’ll be in your glory when we reach the Tasermiut Fjord in the heart of what’s known as “Arctic Patagonia,” where guests can sign up for overnight camping (with local hosts) along the 70–km fjord. Marvel at the impressive Sermeq glacier at its head with rivers of ice tumbling almost down to sea level, and the imposing peaks of Nalumasortoq and Ulamertorsuaq dominating the skyline, making for the most scenic backdrops to your hike or helicopter–enabled excursions.

September 21-23 | THE WESTLANDS

The ultimate in contrasts: Greenland Ice Sheet, Viking history and Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage site following in the footsteps of the Greenlandic Norse into the Western fjords, it’s easy to appreciate why Erik the Red chose this land as his home and gave Greenland its name: every direction you look rewards visitors with vistas of blue, ice–strewn waters set against a breathtaking backdrop of lush, verdant valleys and pastures bursting with blooms. Unique to Greenland, and indeed the entire Arctic, warm microclimates deep in the fjords have created a surprisingly fertile Arctic Garden of Eden. South Greenlandic farming traditions dating back to Viking days are still kept alive. Many families work their remote sheep farms along the shores of the fjords, their lives very much attuned to the seasons as they produce a variety of organic home– grown produce (such as potatoes, turnips and kale).


Also in the West, we find the perfect access points to the Greenland Ice Sheet, the largest mass of ice in the northern hemisphere and second largest in the world, flowing from the heights of the polar plateau to sea level. Become one of the very few people to ever set foot on this incredible body of ice during our included Greenland Ice Sheet Experience. Over these two days you will have the opportunity to explore the Ice Sheet, hike the surrounding foothills, cruise or paddle through the azure ice–filled waters, and engage with our local friends and partners during the most meaningful and in–depth community experiences offered on any Quark Expeditions voyage.


Before you depart on your charter flight back to Reykjavik in the early evening of day 10, we plan to spend the day visiting the sites surrounding Narsarsuaq, including the Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a living history lesson in Viking farming. We hope to offer you the opportunity to visit charming Qassiarsuk, a small sheep farming settlement across the fjord from Narsarsuaq, where you can experience true South Greenland hospitality and gain insight into the fascinating lives of sheep farmers living at the edge of the Ice Sheet. We suggest you take time to explore the remains and replicas of Brattahlíð, Erik the Red’s estate, once the epicenter of the Greenland Norse Eastern Settlement, before heading back across the bay to Narsarsuaq to visit the museum, hike to Signal Hill for a panoramic view, and enjoy the frontier–town ambience. Before our early evening charter flight, we will celebrate our voyage with a ‘Farewell to Greenland’ dinner ashore at the iconic Hotel Narsarsuaq. Upon landing back at Reykjavik’s international airport in the evening, you will be transferred to a hotel in nearby Keflavik.

September 24 | Fly Home

Thanks for traveling with us!

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