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Image by Ross Parmly

Alan McKay

Alan McKay started guiding tours when he was a senior in high school. Since that time, he has traveled with hundreds of groups all over the world, including tours to England, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, China, and Thailand. His degree in history from Utah State University adds richness to the tours that he leads. Father of 4 and grandfather of 13.


McKenna Jensen

McKenna is passionate about travel and history. She graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelors in History, as well as a minor in Spanish and Geography. She also spent a year living in England studying Travel and Tourism. A new client said this about traveling with McKenna:

"McKenna was AMAZING! The absolute best tour guide we have ever had! The trip was wonderful, and McKenna made it even better! She went above and beyond and never stopped smiling. So glad she went with us - we're hoping to travel again with her in the future."

-Kerstin Palmer


Camille Ostler

Traveling with Dick Jensen and Alan McKay tours combines two of Camille’s favorite things- travel and meeting new people. She loves experiencing new countries and their cultures. She’s been to several different countries including Japan, South Africa and Peru. She has lived in Guatemala and speaks fluent Spanish. From one of our guests on a recent tour with Camille: "Camille was outstanding. You're lucky to have her. She was sensitive to everyones needs and worked well with the local[s] too."

Image by Ross Parmly

Jelina Hollberg

Jelina has a deep love and passion for other cultures, languages, and people. Originally from Northern California, she loves to travel and graduated with her Bachelors in International Studies from the University of Utah. She speaks fluent Spanish and has traveled to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, and Japan. Connections made with people from around the world have been the highlight of her travel experiences and she looks forward to many more.

Carlie Hamilton_edited.jpg

Carlie Hamilton

Carlie loves to meet new people, try new things and seek new adventures. She loves to travel the world to accomplish this. Carlie currently lives in Saudi Arabia & has enjoyed travels throughout the US, Canada, the Caribbean, France, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, and UAE.She enjoys any outdoor activities, and time spent with family and friends. She cherishes the friendships she’s made throughout the world and is looking forward to making new friends and sharing in the adventures of DJAM tours.


Brittany Goff

Brittany Goff loves to learn and is always up for a good adventure! Taking her love for reading to a new level, travel has opened doors to history, people, cultures, and nature in ways study could not. Having been to over twenty countries, discovering and experiencing the beauties of this world continues to bring immense joy to her life. She can’t wait to experience her next adventure with YOU!

Image by Ross Parmly

Dick Jensen

Former Vice President of Morris Murdock Travel, Dick Jensen has over 35 years of experience in the travel industry. Father of 3 and grandfather of 6. Known as the Airfare Master - he is able to get unbeatable prices!


Iso Charpentier

Iso is native to Costa Rica and will ensure you will fully experience her culture! After COVID hit, she turned to her passion - guiding tours! She is fluent in Spanish, English & Portuguese and is currently learning French because she loves to meet new people and to learn from them. She will make you smile and laugh with her contagious positive energy and personality! Iso has been our tour guide in Costa Rica for all our tours this year, and has done such a amazing job, and is loved by our guests, that we invited her to host all of our Costa Rica tours!

howard-214x300 (1)_edited.jpg

Howard Burkholz

Howard Burkholz has traveled the world extensively and loves exploring new places. Further, he can teach photography in ways that a beginner or intermediate can understand. If desired, you can learn and come away with a better photographic skill during your tour.

Greg Thorpe_edited.jpg

Greg Thorpe

Greg Thorpe is a religious educator in the Church of Jesus Christ Seminaries and Institutes program and a Session Director and speaker at EFY/FSY for over 30 years. He has also taught many years with BYU Know your Religion.
Born in Victoria, BC Canada, and having served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ in Guatemala, and having lived in Hawaii, and currently in the Los Angeles area, Greg has
a love and appreciation for diversity in cultures, customs, and religious beliefs. He has been a guest speaker at BYU, as well as on “Guiding Our Direction” Catholic Podcasts, etc. He has a deep and abiding love for the Holy Land, and all that transpired there.To anyone wishing to “walk where Jesus walked”- Greg is excited to
have that “bucket list” experience with you.

Alf Gunn.jpg

Alf Gunn

 Alf Gunn is an expert on travel to Brazil with incredible first-hand knowledge of the customs, culture, and Brazilian lifestyle.  Fluency in Portuguese and Spanish afforded him a 30-year FBI career followed by security consulting in Latin America.  Now a veteran of eight specialty tours to Brazil, Alf maintains email newsletter correspondence with over 2,000 Americans who have lived in Brazil.  He admits he loves to meet people and his trips go beyond sightseeing to provide unique people-to–people experiences on international cruises and in-country tours.  He and Marcia call the Pacific Northwest their home, where most of their 12 grand kids live and where he bicycles and sea kayaks year-round.


Jackie Poulsen

 Jackie Poulsen was raised in Smithfield, Utah and is a graduate of Utah State University.    She and her husband, David, have been blessed with three tremendous children and five darling grandchildren.  She has studied Hebrew and Jewish Culture at the University of Utah.  She loves the Holy Land and its people.  She feels that it is always a precious experience to visit this place of eternal significance.   Of this place she says:  “The land of Israel breathes passion.  It speaks to one’s heart.  You can sense centuries of sacredness, turmoil and sacrifice as you set foot on its soil.  Every site bears the hand print of God.  Seeing these places brings much context and enlightenment to the stories in Holy Writ that we know and love.”  


Jay Preston

Jay was born in Australia and moved to the U.S. when he was ten years old. Jay served as a missionary in the West Indies for two years which increased his desire to travel the world.  Later in life, he moved to New Zealand with his family for five years where he taught gospel classes to young single adults. Jay taught seminary at Clearfield High School and is currently a seminary teacher at Davis High School. Jay is currently doing his final touches on his thesis in order to graduate with a Master's in Religious Studies from BYU in April of 2023. Jay is married to his best friend, Rachel, and is a proud father of five children and one grandchild.

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Camille Shosted

Camille wholeheartedly believes in experiences over things, which is why travel is a passion of hers. She lives in Murray, Utah, but pieces of her heart are in Italy and Oregon, the other two places she has called home. She and her husband Kevin are parents to four children. Kevin is fluent in Spanish and lived in Peru for two years. They have enjoyed traveling to many destinations around the world together.

A few of their favorite adventures they’ve experienced while traveling are riding bikes on the ancient ramparts of Lucca, hiking to all five towns of the Cinque Terre, staying overnight on floating islands of totora reeds in Peru, playing tug of war with sea lions in Ecuador, tubing the Rio Negro in Costa Rica, snuba diving in the Molokini Crater, swimming with pigs in Honduras and taking surfing lessons in Mexico to name a few.

They have hosted group travel to Italy, Denmark, France, South Africa, and The Galapagos Islands along with cruises to Key West and Alaska.

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