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Easter Island

Easter Island
Rapa Nui



  • Santiago City Tour

  • Rapa Nui

  • Sunset at Ahu Tahai

  • Rano Kau Volcanic Crater

  • Orongo

  • Rano Raraku

  • Ahu Tongariki

  • Anakena Beach

  • Te Pito Ovahe

  • Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum 

  • Hanga Roa Town

  • Sunrise at the Moai

  • Boat Ride with optional included snorkeling

  • Puna Pau


  • Round-Trip Airfare from Salt Lake City. (Call/text for other city quotes)

  • Airport Transfers

  • 5-star hotel accommodations on Easter Island (Nayara Hangaroa)

  • All meals included on Easter Island, breakfasts included everywhere else

  • All Activities listed on itinerary

  • Private Charter Bus

  • Tour Host


$4,999 -
per person (double occupancy) 

99 for single traveler


Fine Print

  • You must be able to walk with few problems; trip is not wheelchair accessible

  • $1,000 deposit per traveler required (make below) to secure airfare

  • Full payment due 110 days before and must be made by check

  • Trip deposit and final payments are non-refundable once paid

  • Passports are required and must be valid 6 months after final date of the trip.

  • Tips for local guides and bus driver are not included. 

Your Host: Camille Ostler

Camile Ostler Tour Host

January 7-14, 2025
On Sale Now


Day One

Depart from Salt Lake City, and travel to Santiago.


Day Two

This morning arrive in Santiago and take a Panoramic City Tour. Explore the main streets of the civic district of the city of Santiago of Chile, seeing the way the Cerro Santa Lucia, the Palacio de la Moneda and the Plaza de Armas, around which are the Cathedral, the
national historical Museum and the Central post. It continues to forest park and the Museum of fine arts, to the
bohemian neighborhood of Bellavista. Private service includes the visit to the Cerro San Cristóbal. Rest up for your adventure to Easter Island tomorrow!


Day Three

Today you will fly to Easter Island and transfer to your 5-star hotel, the Nayara Hangroa. A visit to Rapa Nui would be incomplete without witnessing the world-renowned sunset at Ahu Tahai. This site oers a captivating spectacle as the sun descends behind the Moai, casting a mesmerizing silhouette against the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, enjoy an optional scenic 30-minute stroll from the hotel along the coast to Tahai, aording you an intimate encounter with the local culture during your journey.

Day Four

Embark on an excursion to unveil the majesty of Rapa Nui's most splendid locales. Start with the awe-inspiring Rano Kau Volcano crater, a sight of grandeur that embodies the island's beauty. Explore the rich natural bounty it covers, a living testament to its enduring contribution to local livelihoods. Then proceed to Orongo, a ceremonial village that hosted the captivating Tangata Manu contest. Ready your lenses to capture this historic site and visualize the daring participants. Delve into the competition's political and religious significance that shaped the culture. In this ancestral settlement, discover the unique Hare Keho construction style, exclusive to Orongo and an architectural influence for the Nayara Hangaroa hotel. Finally, journey to Vinapu, where a distinctive platform diverges from others on the island, adding to the archaeological enigma. Here, encounter one of the rare female Moa.


Start your afternoon by exploring the emblematic Rano Raraku,the main quarry where the Moai were carved. Unravel the mystery behind the construction and transportation of these monumental statues, 397 of which lay there in die rent stages of construction. After discussing the dierent theories behind their construction, get your cameras out for our visit to the renowned Ahu Tongariki, a ceremonial structure with 15 pristine, restored Moai.  


Day Five

Begin your morning by visiting the historical arrival point of Hotu Matu’a and other early Polynesian navigators to the island. Learn about the fascinating history of the island's first civilization while enjoying the natural beauty of Anakena beach. Continue the excursion to Ovahe, a mythical pink sand beach, to discover an ancestral crematorium and admire its unique beauty. Conclude the morning at Te Pito Kura, where you'll find the largest Moai on the island and the curious stone formation of Te Pito Kura. In case of inclement weather, the visit to Ovahe will be replaced by a guided tour in a covered sector of petroglyphs known as Papa Vaka.


 Commence with a visit to the Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum, a gateway to the captivating history of Rapa Nui.Here, uncover the mystique of the ancestral ceremonies, delve into the symbolism of the Moai, and gain insights into the ancient local customs. Progress on to Ahu Tahai, an archaeological marvel boasting three ceremonial platforms - an undeniable cornerstone of the island's heritage that allows you to connect with the past and explore fascinating remnants of history first-hand. Finally, traverse through the key spots of charming Hanga Roa town. Discover the rhythm of daily life in Rapa Nui and experience the unique allure of this hospitable enclave. As you meander through its streets, seize the opportunity to visit prominent attractions like the bustling market and a traditional church.

Day Six

Your morning adventure takes you east of Hanga Roa to visit Puna Pau, an archaeological treasure where the unique red volcanic scoria, Hani Hani, is found. This material shaped the Pukaos, iconic headdresses worn by the Moai. The journey continues to Ahu Akivi, a platform unique for housing the only seven sea-facing Moai on the island. There, learn about their historical significance and different theories about their orientation. Finally, take a brief walk to Vaiteka, and wander through the awe-inspiring caves which unfold another mysterious chapter of Rapa Nui's history.

This afternoon Embark on an exhilarating open-sea boat ride to experience the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean in all its majesty. Should sea conditions permit, you'll have the opportunity to partake in a thrilling snorkeling adventure, guided by expert divers ensuring a memorable and safe experience throughout.

Day Seven

 This morning, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience during your Rapa Nui visit is unquestionably the breathtaking spectacle of the sun ascending behind the line of 15 Moai. For this, we'll journey to the island's eastern edge at daybreak, where you can settle down, co ee in hand, and immerse yourself in the captivating dawn spectacle.

This afternoon, fly back to Santiago where you will over night and board your late night flight back to the United States.

Day Eight

Welcome Home!

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